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Winning Awards

If you are entering awards this year, get started now on your application. The Winning Awards online course and consultancy support packages will give you everything you need to craft a compelling awards application. 

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How to craft a compelling awards application

Winning awards has so many benefits for your business. It demonstrates credibility and enhances your company’s reputation in your sectors; it gives a sense of pride for your employees and suppliers that they are working with a successful business; but perhaps more importantly, the application process means that you put your business operations under the spotlight. This brings hidden benefits and the opportunity to implement business improvements from your findings.

Wylde has an excellent track record of helping our clients to win awards. We have a tried and tested model in place with our VIVA approach as well as project management procedures that make it easier to navigate the whole process.

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How we can help…


There are several ways that Wylde can support you with your awards applications:

Self-directed online learning – if you just need some direction with your applications, then our online course would be ideal for you. In five modules, we guide you through each step of the application writing process, what you need to consider and what judging panels look for. If you have in-house writing resource, then this course will help you to craft your application so that it stands out. For a limited period only, we have dropped the price of the course to £250 so enrol now!

Consultancy support – our consultancy support packages are tailored to suit your needs, whether that be full project management of the application process, or simply on-hand guidance from our team to take you through the steps. The type of support package will also vary depending on the award you are going for, see the next section for more details, or enquire!

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1 - Why and Where?

This module will cover the reasons why you are putting your business forward for awards and identifying and selecting the best awards to apply for. 

2 - Planning and Process

For module two, we will discuss all that is required for the awards process, from selecting a project team to the costs of the ceremony. 

3 - What's your story?

This module is all about crafting your story. Every business has stories to tell, so how can you show the judging panel just how special your business is? 

4 - The VIVA Approach

The fourth module will show you how to apply the VIVA approach to your story. Showing your vision, innovation, values and achievements to showcase your business can be what makes your application successful. 

5 - Bringing it all together

Now that you’ve learnt what it takes to produce a successful awards application, how do you bring all of this knowledge together to make your application stand out?

Consultancy Support

The level of support you require will be influenced by the type of award and the application information required. As a general rule the following information will give you some guidance on consultancy support:

Regional Awards

Typically these awards applications would take one to two days to complete.

Queen's Award for Enterprise

Typically this will take up to five days depending on how much information you already have available to hand. The planning steps outlined in our course offer a perfect guide to what is involved at every stage from setting up your project team to submitting your application.

Other National Awards

Typically these will take anything from two to five days depending on the length of application and information required.

Choose the level of support you need:


Discovery Sessions

We will carry out up to two 1.5 hour Discovery Sessions with you to uncover all the information needed for the application. We will explore the history of your business, what makes it special and unique and the successes and achievements you have enjoyed so far, paying attention to the key areas that judges are focusing on. 


Project Management

We can either work with your existing team, or we can take over the whole project management for the awards applications processes. This involves initial discovery sessions, writing and crafting the application, and working with you and your business to make your application really stand out. 

Marketing Strategy

If entering awards is part of your overall marketing strategy for 2021 then we can also work with you on this. We can align with your marketing team or we can provide support on developing your Awards Marketing Strategy.

Writing & Crafting

We have a team of experienced awards application writers who are adept at highlighting what is special about your business, giving your application the edge it needs to stand out with the judges.


Multiple Submissions

Once we have the information about your business, it is easier to craft and submit multiple applications to the same awarding body or for other awards. Add this onto one of our support packages and get the most out of your application. 


Marketing Communications

We have an excellent track record of award wins for our clients as well as the majority of applications we have written being shortlisted. When you win an award, you will want to tell the world about it and we can help with this by producing and distributing press releases, liaising with your industry media and helping you to shout about your success on your social channels.

Then get in touch with us…

The self-directed online course is currently reduced to £250 as an introductory offer.

Our consultancy support is charged on a day rate basis. Please get in touch to discuss this as every application is different depending on the sectors your business operates in and the amount of work required. Following discussions with you, we will then send you our proposal for any scope of works.

Meet The Consultants

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Managing Director - Wylde Connections

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Operational Director - Wylde Connections

Claire Robson

Claire Robson

PR Consultant & Writer - Wylde Connections

Our team of expert tutors will direct you through your learning and are here to answer any questions you might have. Each tutor has developed their own courses using their expertise and will offer consultancy support alongside their courses, all of which will be available soon.


Here at Wylde, we have helped our clients craft winning applications through a tried and tested application process. With our proven track record, we can help with whatever support you need from advice and guidance to helping you manage the whole process. Alongside our online course, we are offering consultancy support, media campaigns and webinars with our experts to consolidate your learning.

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