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Winning Awards

This course will take you through a step-by-step process on how to craft a compelling awards application for your business. Consisting of five key modules, you will learn all the tips and tricks of writing awards applications, finishing the course with the inspiration to win.

How to craft a compelling awards application

There is a lot more to winning awards than simply completing the application form. You need to know your business inside out, and you need to be able to identify the great stories that your business has to tell. This is not always easy when you’re involved in the day to day operations. What you take for granted because it’s what you do every day is potentially worthy of recognition by entering awards. This course will help you to uncover those wonderful gold nuggets that you simply cannot see because you’re too close to it.

Delivered over five modules, this practical course uses our own VIVA model to explore what judges look for in applications, especially when they have hundreds of them to read. We will help you to make your application stand out.

Our Learning Programme


At Wylde, we believe that no matter how successful your business is, there is always room to learn and improve to boost your success. Over the past year, we have been developing our e-learning platform that will host our course content, and together with partners we will soon be delivering tailored courses to help company leaders shine a light on their businesses.

Paired with our consultancy services, you can get the most out of your marketing, improve team productivity and supercharge your company culture with Wylde Learning. 

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1 - Why and Where?

This module will cover the reasons why you are putting your business forward for awards and identifying and selecting the best awards to apply for. 

2 - Planning and Process

For module two, we will discuss all that is required for the awards process, from selecting a project team to the costs of the ceremony. 

3 - What's your story?

This module is all about crafting your story. Every business has stories to tell, so how can you show the judging panel just how special your business is? 

4 - The VIVA Approach

The fourth module will show you how to apply the VIVA approach to your story. Showing your vision, innovation, values and achievements to showcase your business can be what makes your application successful. 

5 - Bringing it all together

Now that you’ve learnt what it takes to produce a successful awards application, how do you bring all of this knowledge together to make your application stand out?

Meet The Tutors

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Managing Director - Wylde Connections

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Operational Director - Wylde Connections

Glyn Jenks

Glyn Jenks

Senior Partner - AIM Professional Services

Our team of expert tutors will direct you through your learning and are here to answer any questions you might have. Each tutor has developed their own courses using their expertise and will offer consultancy support alongside their courses, all of which will be available soon.


Here at Wylde, we have helped our clients craft winning applications through a tried and tested application process. With our proven track record, we can help with whatever support you need from advice and guidance to helping you manage the whole process. Alongside our online course, we are offering consultancy support, media campaigns and webinars with our experts to consolidate your learning.

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