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Why we are different

Right from the start, Wylde has demonstrated it is different to other agencies. Largely, this is because we immerse ourselves fully in the sectors we work in which include manufacturing, engineering, technology, rail, automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and technologies, and sustainable development.


Our business model has been shaped to respond to the demands of our clients and how they operate. Thus, we have adopted process and procedures that our clients are familiar with in their own businesses. This includes treating a tangible piece of content as a single product, and priced as such. This makes our work visible and transparent, and our clients know exactly what they are spending their money and can organise their marketing budgets accordingly.

Supporting your success. 

In a rapidly changing time, it’s never been more important for businesses to communicate – with customers, team members, suppliers, prospects, stakeholders and more. 

At Wylde Connections, we give you the tools you need to efficiently communicate as the focal point of any business growth plan. Our consultancy-led approach enables us to truly understand your business from the inside out. With this knowledge, our team of experts can tailor unique marketing communications solutions that help you grow sales, improve leadership and management practices, develop effective growth strategies, accelerate procurement, access vital funding or streamline HR processes.

Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies which highlight some of the work we do for our clients. 

What Our Clients Say... 

We have worked with Denise and her team for nearly three years and would wholeheartedly recommend her work.

My experience with other companies was that they focused on what we did, Denise wanted to understand how and why we did these things. Denise took the time to really understand who we are, what our values are and how we work.

I am a person that feels capable of writing, but the work that Denise and her team creates is way beyond what I am capable of, and has an attention to factual and technical detail, that I no longer need to proof read before release. I find it quite astounding that we could get to this level.

We have achieved significant success in increasing the brand awareness of the business and have received a number of awards from MakeUK, Birmingham City Council, Aston University and The Institute of Directors, to name a few. In addition, through Denise’s work, I was named as one of the Top 100 in 2019 by The Manufacture Magazine.

Finally, our social media presence on LinkedIn and Twitter has increased exponentially, leading to a lot of interest in our company, what we’re doing and new opportunities. 

Peter Brunch

Managing Director, AE Aerospace

Wylde Connections has produced two white papers for Boltight, which is part of the Nord-Lock Group. The first white paper was on the Wind and Wave Power and our bolt tightening solutions. The second was on the problems faced in the Oil & Gas sector, focusing on the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Both papers were thoroughly researched by Wylde Connections, and as well as being really informative and full of facts and statistics, they also gave some excellent tips for maintaining the infrastructure in these sectors.

The quality of these white papers formed part of a dedicated marketing campaign and have been instrumental in helping Boltight and Nord-Lock to generate a significant number leads from the campaign already.

We cannot thank Wylde Connections enough. We will be working with Wylde again soon to update the white papers as the markets are currently changing frequently during this turbulent time.

Sandy Andringa

Marketing Manager, Boltight

Looking at PR and marketing through the eyes of an SME, it is can be viewed as an expense where it is difficult to quantify the benefit, which will follow the same predictable path and will be the first area to be cut if times get difficult. This is a function of the narrow mindedness of many SMEs and the failure of the marketing company to communicate the real potential. There are always exceptions to any rule and Wylde Connections are such a case.

Denise and the Wylde Team are an integral part of the CHH Conex family. They know us as people, they understand who we are, what we do and offer huge added value in advising, promoting, communicating and sometimes mentoring. Our marketing and PR planning, execution and outcomes have been transformed from non-existent previously to now being effective.

Denise always goes the extra mile. Her skill and professionalism have gained the respect of the complete CHH management team; not an easy task. I would highly recommend Wylde to a prospective customer, it would be a smart business decision on their part.

Tim Hughes

Managing Director, CHH Conex

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