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Charities We Support

Charities We Support

Charities We Support

Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network

Chrysalis Youth Empowerment Network supports young people in Uganda and trains them as changemakers, providing recreational and educational activities to enable them to have a positive impact on their communities.  

The charity is based at the Chrysalis Centre in Kireka, Kampala and in 2020 CYEN opened its own secondary school in the north of the country, providing a rich learning environment for disadvantaged children who are encouraged to see themselves as architects of change. Our MD Denise Taylor has been supporting CYEN since 2004 and the Wylde team is committed to helping the charity have a transformative impact on young lives. 

International Wildlife Coexistence Network

Earth is losing wildlife and wild places faster than any time in the last 3 million years and if we maintain this path, species and their unique habitats will disappear forever. The IWCN provides expert interdisciplinary assistance, training, collaboration, and shared research to enable communities around the globe to coexist with wildlife.  

The network’s interdisciplinary teams include scientists, agricultural managers, researchers, ethicists, economists, government specialists, educators, indigenous leaders and technical engineers. Wylde’s MD, Denise, has worked with the founder since the mid-1990s in wolf conservation and now serves on the IWCN council. Both Denise and Wylde’s Ops Director Charlotte support the IWCN’s bi-annual conference. 

Wild Earth

Wild Earth is committed to connecting people with nature for positive destinations. The not-for-profit organisation works with children, young people and families in Coventry and Warwickshire, providing nature-based activities and interventions to support education, employability, health and wellbeing.  

The programmes equip participants with transferrable skills and experience, as well as providing opportunities to become mentors and youth workers. It also provides confidence building and a deep awareness of nature and creativity. Denise is a trustee of Wild Earth and has worked with its directors, Alex and Geeta Hampson for more than 20 years.  

Warwickshire Badger Group

Established in 1990, Warwickshire Badger Group is a group of volunteers and supporters committed to the protection and conservation of a species which faces persistent persecution. Key activities include education, monitoring and surveying badger activity, campaigning and lobbying, rescuing and releasing injured badgers, and vaccinations. 

Badgers are a cherished icon of the British countryside and yet are threatened on a daily basis by human activity. Wylde’s MD Denise joined the group as Chair in 2015 and works with her colleagues and group members to secure better outcomes for the local badger population.