Showcasing Sustainability Excellence

Sustainability Reports

Discover how our clients are benefiting from their commitment to sustainable practices, enhancing their resilience and driving success by exploring their Sustainability Plans & Reports. Each report is the culmination of our in-depth strategic business review, highlighting how these forward-thinking businesses are leading the way in sustainability.

At Wylde, we pride ourselves on helping businesses embed sustainability at their core, and these reports are a testament to that journey. Join us in celebrating the leaders in sustainability who are making a real difference.

The P & M Group - 2024

The P & M Group’s 2024 Sustainability Report, in partnership with Wylde Connections, showcases progress in their Project Acorn initiative. Highlights include significant greenhouse gas reductions, supply chain collaboration, and winning the Cold Chain Climate Champion 2023 award. The Group is committed to achieving net zero emissions and zero waste to landfill by 2026, with a strong focus on community involvement, staff engagement, and ESG principles.

The P & M Group - 2023

The 2023 Sustainability Report outlines The P & M Group’s Project Acorn initiative. Key achievements include establishing baseline GHG emissions, developing a GHG Reduction Plan, and engaging in supply chain collaboration. Future goals focus on achieving net zero emissions, zero waste to landfill, and enhancing biodiversity projects. The report emphasises staff engagement, social impact, and embedding sustainability throughout the company.

TDP Ltd - 2024

TDP has committed to sustainable practices for over three decades. By using 100% recycled British waste, TDP has prevented over 4,500 tonnes of plastic from polluting the environment. Their robust ESG strategy focuses on continual improvement in reducing their carbon footprint. Awarded The King’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development in 2023, TDP emphasises the importance of treating the planet as a key stakeholder. Their new report highlights the benefits of biodiversity-focused sustainable growth.

TDP Ltd - 2022

TDP, in partnership with Wylde Connections, is committed to sustainability, having used over 3,300 tonnes of recycled plastic waste to create durable, handcrafted outdoor furniture. This effort prevents significant amounts of plastic from polluting landfills and waterways. The company’s strategy focuses on achieving Net Zero carbon emissions and supporting the circular economy. In recent years, TDP has expanded its product range to include picnic tables, benches, planters, and nest boxes, all made from 100% recycled British plastic.

CHH Conex - 2024

CHH Conex is committed to sustainable growth by balancing the needs of People, Profit, and Planet. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing wire, cable, and connectivity solutions, CHH supports smart city development and digital infrastructure globally. The 2024 Sustainability Plan focuses on reducing carbon footprints, enhancing energy efficiency, and promoting ethical practices. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and stakeholder engagement, CHH aims to drive positive environmental and social impacts.

Salisbury Linen Services - 2023

Salisbury Linen Services (SLS) is dedicated to delivering sustainable healthcare solutions. The 2023 Sustainability Plan outlines their commitment to reducing environmental impact through energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste minimisation. SLS emphasises social responsibility by providing fair pay, ongoing training, and a positive working environment for staff. The plan also highlights their goal to support local communities and biodiversity projects. By embedding sustainability into all operations, SLS aims to enhance patient care, staff wellbeing, and environmental stewardship.

Calabash - 2023

Calabash is dedicated to being a force for good in the facilities management sector. The 2023 Sustainability Plan outlines their commitment to environmental responsibility, social equity, and economic viability. Key initiatives include chemical-free cleaning, waste management services, and paying a living wage. Calabash’s strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to reduce emissions and support biodiversity. By fostering strong relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers, Calabash seeks to lead the industry in sustainable practices and drive positive change for people, profit, and planet.

GCW - 2023

GCW’s 2023 Sustainability Action Plan, in collaboration with Wylde Connections, aims to drive sustainable urban development. The plan focuses on embedding sustainability into business practices by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, implementing green clauses, and promoting sustainable procurement. Key initiatives include establishing a baseline for emissions, supporting renewable energy, and fostering biodiversity. GCW is committed to enhancing community-focused hubs that meet changing consumer needs and promote environmental and social well-being. By working closely with stakeholders, GCW seeks to balance the needs of People, Profit, and Planet, and lead the industry in sustainable urban revitalisation.