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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

Associate Membership (AIEMA)

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IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

Associate Membership (AIEMA)

AIEMA Qualification Overview

This course is a foundation certificate, designed for those who are new to the environmental management profession. A first step on the professional development track for environmental leaders, an AIMEA qualification demonstrates a solid foundation of knowledge in environmental management.

Sustainability is moving up the business agenda and those that fail to engage with the triple bottom line will be left behind. Be it supply chains or legislators, key stakeholders are exerting increased pressure to balance the needs of people, profit and planet.  

Navigating an ever-shifting commercial landscape now requires business leaders to confront key environmental, social, and governance challenges. The most successful and resilient operations will be the ones that put sustainability at the heart of their growth strategy. The priority is to equip teams with the knowledge and skills they need to drive meaningful change on the journey to adopting more ethical and responsible business practices. 

The IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management (AIEMA) is an internationally-recognised qualification designed to give people the green skills they need to secure positive impacts. It provides an ideal opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to embark on a career in environmental management and support businesses on their sustainability journey. It leads directly to IEMA Associate Membership upon successful completion. 

Why gain an AIEMA Qualification?

IEMA is the professional body for everyone working in environment and sustainability and the organisation works to ensure that those operating in this space have the knowledge, skills and competence they need to fulfil their roles.  

As part of a portfolio of courses, the AIEMA qualification is targeted at those who want to know more about the fundamentals of sustainability so that they can make more informed decisions and have a positive impact in environmental management. That might be because they are at the start of their career in the environmental sector, or they work in other industries and want to gain a strong foundation of knowledge to deliver positive business impacts.  

The course allows you to start on your learning journey, exposing you to a wide range of ESG topics. It introduces concepts, ideas and tools and techniques they will require to help their business embed sustainability across their organisation. 

What’s involved in an AIEMA course?

This programme comprises one unit with 11 in-depth modules, delivered over five days by expert tutors. The delivery methods are flexible to suit your requirements. 

What are the topics covered in the AIEMA course?
  • Why we need to be Sustainable
  • Environmental Principles
  • Principles of a Sustainable Business
  • Pollution & Pollution Control
  • Introduction to Policy & Legilsation
  • Key Environmental Legislation
  • Environmental Tools & Assessment
  • Data & Reporting
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Improving Sustainability Performance
How is the AIEMA course assessed?

Learners will be continually assessed and undertake a one-hour open-book multiple choice exam at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, IEMA will provide details on how to become an Associate Member. Associate Member of IEMA (AIEMA). 

Associate Members can enjoy benefits such as the use of the AIEMA professional suffix, the opportunity to connect globally with sustainability professionals, and having access to a wealth of tools and resources. If you are already a member, you will receive a free 12-month extension. 

Benefits of IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management

Business benefits 

    • Upskilling your environmental professional to deliver positive impacts. 
    • Improving environmental performance and credentials. 
    • Reassurance that you understand the regulatory landscape and what is required to be compliant. 
    • The internationally recognised qualification demonstrates commitment and vision to stakeholders. 

Delegate benefits 

    • Empowered with knowledge and tools to further your career and maximise your impact as an Environmental and Sustainability Practitioner. 
    • Gain the competence and confidence to support business transformation and drive positive change. 
    • Enjoy the kudos and benefits of becoming an IEMA Associate Member, including gaining professional recognition, connecting with people on a global scale, and having access to practical guidance and toolkits. 
Programme Details

This practical programme is a must for businesses who want to realise the competitive advantages of being sustainable.  

As part of this course, delegates will also receive a year of IEMA Associate membership.  

At Wylde Connections, we go the extra mile to ensure that delegates gain the most from the course. They will have access to lots of additional support as well as access to a wealth of resources through our Business Knowledge Builder platform.  


Key Information
Who is this course for?

The AIEMA course is aimed at companies who need members of their staff to have recognised qualifications to support their role as sustainability practitioners, or individuals working in an environmental management or sustainability related role to prepare for IEMA Associate membership.

With sustainability being a topic that is high on the agenda for most companies, you will want to identify which members of your team would benefit from gaining this qualification and the positive impact this would have on your business. 

Typically, this course is attended by Environmental Managers, Health and Safety Managers, HR Managers, and Quality Managers to complement their skills and enhance their job role.  

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this programme.

Flexible Delivery to Match Your Needs 

There are several different ways for delegates to access this training programme, designed to suit your business needs.  

Person sat at desk on an online call to show virtual learning.

Virtual Classroom

£850 + VAT per delegate

Delivered through Wylde’s online platform’s, the virtual classroom programme is delivered by experienced tutors who bring the experience of the classroom into the virtual environment.

Delegates will benefit from peer-to-peer interactions and activities, and will have access to a wealth of online resources to supplement the learning experience, including online community forums.  

Group of people stood around a table at a training centre to show in-person training.

Training Centre

£995 + VAT per delegate

A maximum of up to 15 delegates from a range of companies and sectors learn together in a prestigious training facility at a central location in Warwickshire. Learners will benefit from the peer-to-peer interactions and activities, helping them to share real world experiences to enhance their knowledge and skills. 

Delegates will have access to a wealth of online resources to supplement their learning experience as well as online community forums. 

Included With Every Course

Interactive Content

Engaging content which helps to make learning more fun.

Video Content

A rich library of video content in all our courses and on our YouTube channel. 

Resource Library

A rich resource of articles, videos, links and reading lists to enhance your understanding and fill knowledge gaps.

Course Community

Swap information and ideas with your cohort and peers. 

Game-Based Learning

Embed learning through games and interactive content.

News & Updates

Stay ahead of trends, issues, and changing legislation to keep your finger on the pulse.

Are you ready to drive change in your business?

Why Choose Wylde?

We are not just a training company. Wylde has invested a lot of time, energy and money in creating and developing our sustainability and leadership expertise. Our unique blend of services means that you have access to the best support whether this is through our learning platform, training programmes and workshops or through our comprehensive sustainability and leadership consultancy support.  

We have made it our business to become the Trusted Sustainability Partner of choice for our clients no matter what size they are or what sector they operate in. It’s our goal to help as many companies as we can to have a greater positive impact for the benefit of planet and people as well as prosperity. 

Your dedicated team includes fully qualified and experienced sustainability and leadership professionals who will support and guide you through your learning journey. You will also be supported by the wider Wylde team, who bring a diverse range of perspectives and practical experience to enrich your learning experience. 

Meet our team…

Our tutors are not just educators; they are seasoned professionals who have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement. They provide real-world insights to complement theoretical knowledge to ensure course content is applied within contemporary business situations.  

With their guidance, delegates will be empowered to mot only navigate the current sustainability landscape but to actively shape it. That will not only help secure a more sustainable future for all but help your business build resilience, drive efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.  

James Wyse FIEMA CEnv

James Wyse FIEMA CEnv

Sustainability Trainer & Senior Consultant

Khandiz Joni MIEMA CEnv

Khandiz Joni MIEMA CEnv

Sustainability Trainer & Senior Consultant

Khandiz Joni MIEMA CEnv

Khandiz Joni MIEMA CEnv

Sustainability Trainer & Senior Consultant

James Wyse FIEMA CEnv

James Wyse FIEMA CEnv

Sustainability Trainer & Senior Consultant

 Dr Denise Taylor PIEMA

Dr Denise Taylor PIEMA

Managing Director

Charlotte Taylor CMgr

Charlotte Taylor CMgr

Operational Director

Anne Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson

Leadership Consultant & NED

Callum John PIEMA

Callum John PIEMA

Sustainability Consultant

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