Adaptation: How Businesses Should Respond To The Impacts Of Climate Change

The climate change debate has rightly focused on the need for mitigation. In the race to Net Zero, businesses are under pressure to embrace decarbonisation and reduce their carbon footprint. Yet the impacts of a heating planet are already being felt and we must all find ways of adapting to build resilience and serve the triple bottom line of people, profit and planet.

At Wylde Connections we support businesses in developing robust sustainability strategies that both helps reduce negative impacts and cope with the affects of the climate crisis. Our latest video provides an invaluable guide to balancing mitigation and adaptation.


Business adaption to climate change

Building resilience

Many of the impacts of climate change are already baked in and businesses large and small must learn to operate within a very different environmental, social and commercial landscape.

Be it extreme weather events or resource scarcity, the commercial world is feeling the effects of the climate emergency. We must accelerate our adaptation efforts. That means understanding what those changes mean for your business so that you can better manage the risks and exploit the opportunities ahead.

Reaping the business benefits

By applying innovation and problem-solving skills, businesses will not only help future proof their own operations, but they can play a key role in helping humanity adapt to a heating planet. 

Embedding sustainable practice across your organisation will provide adaptation strategies that drive efficiencies, mitigate risks and boost competitiveness. At the same time, there is a real need to develop revenue generating products and services that build more resilient communities.

Take a walk on the Wylde side

How can you work with stakeholders to build resilience and implement a sustainability strategy that puts climate change mitigation and adaptation at the heart of decision making?

At Wylde Connections we act as a trusted sustainability partner helping you become an ethical and responsible business. We work with you to develop a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan that balances mitigation and adaptation. We not only give you the tools you need to transform your own operation but engage with stakeholders to bring them on the journey with you.

Watch our video to learn more about adaptation and talk to our team about how we can make sure your business is future fit.


Doubling down

Businesses need to take a two-pronged approach that balances mitigating against climate change and adapting to the impacts of a heating planet. Top tips include:


  • Companies should explore the potential to switch to renewable energy sources to minimise their carbon footprint.
  • Invest in projects that cature or offset carbon emissions and have the added benefits of supporting biodiversity and supporting local communities. These might include work around reforestation and regenerative agricultural practices.
  • Embrace more responsible resource management to support the curcular economy. Find ways of keeping resources in the value chain by designing out waste, extending lifecycles and using recycled materials.


  • Build resilience by diversifying your supply chain. This includes sourcing materials from different locations and looking at using alternative materials that are more readily available.
  • Focus on reducing energy consumption by investing in buildings that are more energy efficient. These spaces should also be designed to cope with changing weather patterns.
  • Explore new revenue streams. Gain a competitive edge by designing products and services that help people and businesses adapt to a changing climate.

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