Water Saving Week

15th – 19th May 2023 

Waterwise’s annual Water Saving Week campaign will take place between May 15th-19th. It raises awareness about the importance of conserving water in the context of climate change and more responsible resource management. For ethical and responsible businesses, this offers an opportunity to engage with stakeholders and change habits to secure a water-safe future for all. 

We rely on water as our most precious resource. In 2010, the United Nations (UN) recognised the human right to water and sanitation. Yet only around 1% of the planet’s water is accessible drinking water. Climate change is accentuating the problem. 

According to the UN, by 2025, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions with absolute water scarcity, and two-thirds of the world’s population could be living under water stressed conditions. Population growth, increased demand and a heating planet mean that the problem will affect all of us. If water efficiency action is not prioritised, the UK could be hit by water shortages by 2050. This not only affects humans but the wildlife that relies on freshwater habitats for their survival. 

It is imperative that we all use water more responsibly. Water Saving Week is now in its 7th year and educates people about the importance of reducing usage. It opens the debate, provides practical tips and highlights how better resource management makes sense for people, profit and planet. 

Companies that reduce water consumption can not only help secure a more sustainable future but cut costs, comply with regulation, reduce their carbon footprint and minimise environmental impact. Take the opportunity to engage with employees and your supply chain about reducing water usage.  

Two hands holding the Earth with a dripping tap coming out the side to showcase Water Saving Week

Office and Facilities Managers can make small but effective changes to reduce the water used in the workplace. These include: 

Monitor usage 

This is a prerequisite to reducing consumption. Use a smart meter to understand what you use and where you can make savings. Monitor your bills closely on an ongoing basis to identify changes to consumption patterns. 

Conducting an audit  

Talk to your water supplier about carrying out a water audit to improve the efficiency of your usage. It is important to check for things like leaking taps, toilets or pipes. Check your meters at night or when no water is being used to monitor leakage. 

Water-Saving Devices 

Consider fitting devices like tap aerators or more efficient showerheads to reduce the flow. Once you have done all those things, Water fittings in commercial multi-occupancy buildings often experience more frequent use than in dwellings, which means that payback times following investment can be excellent.  

Educate employees 

You need everyone on board for an effective usage reduction strategy. Educate all users of your premises about the importance of using water responsibly. Set targets and talk to Waterwise about conducting water efficiency training. 


Research water recycling schemes. Get insight into where your wasted water is going and if or how you can recycle it in other areas of your business. This might include greywater harvesting and investing in a water butt to collect rainwater from your roof.  


Look at the greenspace around your business and consider how you might have less water intensive landscaping. 

Support Water Charities 

As part of your company’s drive for sustainability, supporting water charities contributes towards reducing negative environmental impacts whilst increasing positive social impacts. See the box on the left/right for details of the Aquabox charity that one of our client’s supports.  

Once you have reduced consumption you can apply for a Waterwise Checkmark. This highlights that a particular building, or part of building has put in place technologies, signage, and engagement programmes to result in water efficient behaviours and reduced water waste. 

In the meantime, use Water Saving Week to start the conversation and engage key stakeholders.  Each day of the week has a different water theme and focus, with actions to make real changes at home and at work. Visit the Waterwise website for more information (www.waterwise.org.uk) and follow @waterwise to keep up to date. 

The campaign will take place on social media, so follow on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok and share the messages. If you’d like to create your own content for the week, tag Waterwise and use the hashtag #WaterSavingWeek. 

At Wylde we encourage businesses to value water as a precious resource. We work with our clients to find ways of reducing consumption across their own supply chain, as well as supporting organisations committed to addressing water scarcity.  


Our client TDP designs and manufactures outdoor furniture from recycled plastic. The family business is passionate about balancing the needs of people, planet and prosperity and we have been working with the leadership team on its sustainability strategy for the last three years. The East Midlands business recently signed a 5-year partnership with water charity Aquabox to support those affected by extreme weather events and conflict. 

Aquabox supplies water filtration systems and humanitarian aid to disaster zones and conflict areas around the world. The Derbyshire charity supplies simple ultra-filtration hand pumps to convert polluted water into clean, safe water for drinking, cooking and washing. Transforming the lives of people suffering from extreme deprivation, Aquabox filters remove all common pathogens, including cholera, typhoid, polio, dengue fever, guinea worm and many other water-borne diseases. Since it was established in 1992, the charity has sent more than 110,000 aid boxes to more than 50 countries. 

Aquabox relies entirely on donations and fundraising activities to support its work. With the help of donors, it aims to reach its target of providing sufficient filters to dispense water to 100,000 people per year by 2025.  

If you would like to donate, please visit the charity’s JustGiving page –  www.justgiving.com/campaign/Aquabox 

Alternatively, donate directly via the website –