Our Five-Step Process

Find out about our sustainability consultancy below. Covered over four sessions, our services will help your business assess, develop, implement and share your sustainability plan.

1. Initial Assessment

We are experts in sustainability consultancy. Our consultants will work with you to carry out a review and audit of your business and its current sustainability. We will explore your sustainability goals and objectives. This initial work will help us to identify the gaps as well as the steps required.

At this stage, we will also carry out research and analysis on your markets and your market position to identify and evaluate business opportunities as well as business risks.

We will also explore the resources you are likely to need to implement your plan. Your business might already have been thinking about this process. You may be remodeling your factory, introducing new lines, or simply upgrading your premises. You might be required by your OEM or Tier 1 suppliers to have a Sustainability Plan or Code of Conduct which is driving the momentum. Whatever the motivation, we will work with you to explore the opportunities, risks and challenges.

2. Developing the Plan

A gap analysis from the previous sessions will help us to develop your Sustainability Strategy, Road Map and Action Plan, outlining key actions that need to be taken and over what time frame in line with your resources. Once the research and evaluation has been completed, we will work closely with you and your teams to develop a strategy document unique to your business.

The key to any successful Sustainability Plan development is to have everyone on board. It will be important during this phase to involve stakeholders. We will work with you to identify who your key stakeholders are and what involvement they will need to have through the project.

3. Implementing the Plan

This part of the project is where the real practical work begins. Our involvement will depend on the scale of the implementation, the size of your business and the timescale. Some sustainability implementation programmes are straightforward and we can help you to oversee this.

Others will be more complex, involving building works and the installation of new machinery and equipment which will be higher level capex programmes. For this size of project, you are likely to have project managers involved both from within your own business and from your contractors. At this level, we would be more likely to be involved in the project review meetings and internal communications.

4. Communicating Your Work

Sustainability Plans when implemented to satisfy a strong business case are worthy of shouting about. Throughout each stage of the programme it will be important for you to have strong lines of communication with your internal teams, with your contractors and suppliers and with your key stakeholders.

You will also want to let your customers know about your Sustainability Goals and Project Implementation. It may well be that these involve some New Product Innovation, switching to environmentally-friendly components or completely switching to using sustainably resourced materials for the production of your products. You may be switching to closed loop manufacturing or installing new machinery and equipment that will have a significant impact on reducing your company’s carbon footprint. There are many ways that your business can become environmentally and socially responsible, but the key thing is you will definitely want to let your customers, prospects, suppliers and the world know.

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