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Becoming Sustainable

Wherever you are on your path to being an environmentally and socially responsible business, our unique blend of services are designed to help your businesses to thrive.

Including self-directed masterclasses and workshops, tutor-led training programmes, sustainability planning consultancy, development and implementation, our services are designed to give you choice and flexibility aligned to where you are on your sustainability journey.

Consultancy Services

Train your team, embed your plans, be sustainable

Our sustainability courses and services are designed to help you to explore, identify, plan and implement sustainability policies, procedures and codes of conduct within your business. Sustainability is a subject that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

Our sustainability courses are in the pipeline, so create an account on our course platform and be notified when they are released.

Online Courses


Our online courses are designed to support your personal, professional and business growth. They are transformative and delivered using blended learning approaches and techniques. This means that learners will have access to the tutors and experts as well as their peer groups. 

We also offer consultancy and workshop support if you need additional help to embed the learning within your teams. This could be anything from half day workshops through to ongoing consultancy days spread over a period of weeks or months. Everything is tailored to suit your business needs, so talk to us and let us know what you want from your learning and training. 

Available Now!

The Circular Economy: A Breakdown

After this mini course, you will understand what the Circular Economy is, how it came about, what the benefits are, and why it is important. You will have access to a host of resources from our experts, including your own workbook and exclusive tutor-led webinars.

Leadership & Sustainability - A Vision for the Future

After taking this Leadership & Sustainability course, you will be able to incorporate your vision for a sustainable business into your organisation which will provide a solid foundation for the next steps for implementing a sustainability strategy and action plan.

An Introduction to Megatrends

Coming soon…

The Climate Change Crisis

Coming soon…

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals: How to embed them into your business

Coming soon…

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