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Sustainability is a subject that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. At Wylde, we are passionate about sustainable development and growth. We believe that businesses can make a real difference when it comes to being better for the planet. Wherever you are on your path to being an environmentally and socially responsible business, our unique blend of services are designed to help your businesses to thrive.

Including self-directed masterclasses and workshops, tutor-led training programmes, sustainability planning consultancy, development and implementation, our services are designed to give you choice and flexibility aligned to where you are on your sustainability journey.

 Answering your questions…

Many of our clients and people we talk to are facing pressure from their supply chains to put a sustainability strategy in place, are racing to reach Net Zero in line with government plans, have found out they’re not compliant with current law, or are looking to increase their brand image and reputation, but don’t actually know where to start. Does your business fit into any of these categories? 

Facing pressure from supply chains

Racing to reach Net Zero or Net Positive


Found out they’re not compliant 

Want to improve brand image & reputation

Or do you simply want to do the right thing?

Common Questions

Where do we start?

If we all take small steps now and take actions that we can implement straight away then collectively we will make a difference. But first of all you need to look at things holistically. Establish where you are now before looking at what actions you can take going forward. Scroll further down for how to do this.

How do we get the buy-in from our teams?

Getting buy-in from your teams whether this is your leadership team or your employees should be done right from the outset by engaging with all your stakeholders. As part of our Sustainability Strategy development work with clients, putting an internal and external communications plan in place is one of the first actions. We also run leadership workshops which explore culture, values and alignment.

What is this going to cost?

The answer to this is what will it cost your business if you don’t take action now? What price do you put on credibility and reputation? Can you afford to lose key contracts because you don’t meet the sustainability criteria? Can you afford to pass over potential talent because candidates want to work with responsible and ethical companies? The flip side to this is what you will gain, and there are endless benefits to working and living sustainably.

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Here’s what you can do…

Learn the key principles of sustainability and why it’s important


Create a functional Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap


Assess your company’s sustainability impact with detailed carbon calculations and data


Join the community of businesses around the world on the path to creating a better future


Take your first steps…

Becoming sustainble is a continuous journey that has no destination; we will always be improving, innovating and learning as we move towards a more sustainable world. We will also each be at different positions on this journey, and it is important to take your first steps and assess exactly where you and your business are.

We have developed a ‘Sustainability Staircase’ to help you do this. No matter where you are, we can help you get to where you want to be.

Learning and Training

Our sustainability courses and learning services are designed to help you understand key sustainability principles; to explore, identify, plan and implement sustainability policies, procedures and codes of conduct within your business; to disseminate knowledge and information down the line from senior leaders to general staff; and much more.

Our learning materials take several forms and are designed to suit your company, where you are on your journey, and to meet your specific needs and budget requirements. From short educational content on our Business Knowledge Builder YouTube channel, to free one-hour online workshops, to fully developed courses and step-by-step guides with access to expert advice, there will be something that ticks your boxes. Have a brief look at what we’re currently offering…

Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

Our five-step process has been designed to help your business to develop its Sustainability Strategy, Road Map and Action Plan effectively and efficiently.

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, our services can be adapted to give you the support you need from concept to implementation.

If you are at the start of your journey, we will help you to understand and realise your sustainability aspirations. If you are already well on the way, we can help with stakeholder engagement or you might want to have a review and reset.

External Strategy Document Examples

Sustainability Impact Assessment Tool

Our new sustainability impact assessment tool, Enveglas, is a web-based application designed to benchmark where your business is currently at. It features questions and surveys to gather all relevant information, carries out detailed carbon calculations, and provides baseline data which then enables you to complete a road map and action plan as part of your strategy. Clients will have their own dedicated access to upload documents and to keep a track of progress.

Launching in 2023!

You’re on the right path!

All of this may seem daunting at first. No matter where you are on your journey you have to remember that you’re on the right path. Becoming sustainable will not happen overnight, but all of us at Wylde will be here to guide you each step on the way.

Join the community of businesses doing the right thing and share your stories on our LinkedIn Sustainability Strategy for Business Group. 

Meet The Team

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Managing Director - Wylde Connections

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Operational Director - Wylde Connections

Anne Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson

Leadership Coach - Anne Wilkinson Coaching

Callum John

Callum John

Junior Consultant - Wylde Connections

Rebecca Harling

Rebecca Harling

Managing Director - New Dawn Creative

Khandiz Joni

Khandiz Joni

Managing Director - Vujà Dé Creative Solutions

Our team of expert tutors and consultants will direct you through your learning and are here to answer any questions you might have. Each member of our team has extensive experience in sustainability and strategy development and can offer consultancy support.


Here at Wylde, we have helped our clients develop and implement sustainability plans, and share their work within their business and to their contractors and suppliers. With our proven track record, we can help with whatever support you need from advice and guidance to helping you manage the whole process. Alongside our online course, we are offering consultancy support, media campaigns and webinars with our experts to consolidate your learning.

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