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Sustainability Strategy: The Fundamentals


A six week tutor-led sustainability workshop programme delivered online and in-person.

Become an ethical and responsible business by developing and implementing a sustainable and renewable strategy and plan.

This six week practical tutor-led programme has been specifically formulated for businesses that are embarking on their sustainability journey. This programme is designed to:


Help leaders and managers understand the fundamentals of sustainability strategy.


Raise awareness of sustainability within your staff teams to ensure smooth change management. 


Enable sustainability managers to develop their sustainability road maps and actions needed for successful implementation.


Provide a comprehensive range of resources, tools and methods to support your sustainability journey. 

How the programme is delivered…

This interactive and practical programme is delivered over six weeks, starting in July 2021.

Each half day workshop is presented by an expert in the relevant subject. Dr Denise Taylor is a qualified sustainability practitioner with over 30 years’ experience working in environmental education. Rebecca Fahy is a creative professional with a wealth of strategic marketing experience so be prepared for creative fun. Glyn Jenks has over four decades experience working with business to help them grow through the development of their leadership teams.

Four of the sessions will be delivered online, and two will be delivered in person at Woodland Grange in Leamington Spa.  

You will be provided with a range of comprehensive tools, resources and support designed to help you to produce and develop your own sustainability strategy and road map for your business.

You will be learning alongside a group of peers and will have access to our online forums so you can swap information, share ideas and network with other businesses in your group.

Your Tutor-Led Workshop Sessions

1 - Introduction to Sustainability

There is a lot of talk about Net Zero, low carbon, environmental protection, climate change and you’d be forgiven in thinking that sustainability is mainly about all things environment related. However, the topic is much broader and deeper than this and includes the social and governance aspects of the Environment Social Governance conversation. This half day workshop we will help you to gain an understanding of the key global issues, how these impact on your business and your daily life directly, and what we can all do to take action. You will explore how everything is connected as well as the latest trends and thinking around sustainability.

2 - ASSESS: Where are you now?

As with any strategic review, the first step is to assess and evaluate where your business is currently at on its sustainability journey. The scale runs from non-compliance right through to sustainability being part of your company’s DNA and its purpose.

Using well-known tried and tested tools for assessment as well as more recent models and methods, you will build a complete picture of where you are at now before we move on to look at your sustainability aspirations. Do you want to achieve Net Zero quicker, for example? Or do you need to comply with your supply chain demands in order to be included in customer preferred supplier lists? Whatever your motivation for becoming more ethical and responsible, you can explore these with experts on hand to guide you every step of the way.

3 - ASSESS: Crazy Jam Session

This is where you will have start to have some fun. Developing strategies is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be dull and boring, right!

This is an in-person session where your strategies and plans will be taken to a different level using creative tools and techniques. It can get silly with lots of laughter but there is a purpose, and the session is designed to unlock your potential and get rid of any blocks you might have. This session takes a close look at your business purpose, its vision and mission, who are your target audiences and markets and who are your key stakeholders.

4 - DEVELOP: Sustainability Strategy Fundamentals

Using a set of comprehensive workbooks and tools, you will explore what you need to include in your own sustainability strategy and plan. During this session you will learn about the different elements of your strategy, why they are important, and how you can develop your own road map to implement them. This session includes the environmental, social and governance aspects of your sustainability strategy, using the outcomes from your assessment session to help guide you.

5 - IMPLEMENT: Leadership & Governance

One of the most important aspects of implementing your sustainability strategy is taking decisive action. Your plan and road map will provide you with the framework for this and in this session you will also explore what makes a great leader and why it is more important than ever to run your business in an ethical and responsible way. Compliance is a key part of the story, of course, but so too is having inspirational leaders who want to do the right thing.

6 - COMMUNICATE: Communicating with your key stakeholders

In this workshop session, you will learn how to create an internal and external communications strategy aimed at your key stakeholders, and why this is important at every stage of your sustainability journey.

Meet the Tutors

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Managing Director - Wylde Connections

Rebecca Fahy

Rebecca Fahy

Managing Director - New Dawn Creative

Glyn Jenks

Glyn Jenks

Senior Partner - AIM Professional Services

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Operational Director - Wylde Connections

Our team of expert consultants will direct you through your learning and consultancy sessions, and are here to answer any questions you might have. We want you to get the most from the programme, we’re also on this journey with you learning as much as you, so your experience with your consultants will be personalised – every programme is different and unique to your business!


Here at Wylde, we have helped our clients develop and implement sustainability strategies and plans through a tried and tested process. With our years of knowledge and expertise, we can help with whatever support you need from advice and guidance to helping you manage the whole process. Alongside our online course, we are offering consultancy supportbespoke training and webinars with our experts to consolidate your learning.

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