Sustainability Strategy Masterclass

A Guide to Creating a Corporate ESG Strategy

Transform your business with our ESG Strategy online course. Develop and implement an effective sustainability strategy to increase your competitive advantage in this six week masterclass course.

What is a Sustainability Strategy Masterclass?

Overview: In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, sustainability has become a crucial aspect of business strategy. Our Sustainability Strategy Masterclass offers a practical online course  to help you navigate this terrain and develop a foundational but robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy for your organisation – anytime, anywhere.

Location: Online, self-study
Duration: 6 weeks, 2-6 hours per week
Price: £1,250 (inc. VAT)


  • Actionable Strategies: Learn how to create a strategy and action plan, including tools and templates that you can adapt and use.
  • Winning Contracts and Tenders: Learn how a robust sustainability strategy can help you win contracts and tenders.
  • Understand Sustainability: Learn the importance of sustainability and its relevance in modern business practices.

Sustainability Strategy course for businesses of all sizes and sectors


with up to 10 employees

The masterclass is an ideal solution for micro businesses and start-ups looking to put solid ethical, responsible and governance foundations in place to support growth.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

with 10 - 50 employees

Ideal for those businesses being asked to demonstrate their sustainability credentials in their supply chains for new contract wins.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Businesses with 50 - 250 employees

For growing businesses that don’t yet have a sustainability strategy in place and want an easy and practical way to kick-start their journey.

What you'll learn in a Sustainability Masterclass

Module 1: The Bigger Picture

Explore ESG frameworks and key principles and concepts. It is important to understand the purpose of being an ethical and responsible business, why this matters and the wider picture of risks as well as opportunities.

Module 2: Evaluating your Current Position


Take a deep dive into the internal and external factors that impact your business operations, both positively and negatively. Understand exactly where the strengths and areas for improvement are. Using strategic business tools to assess your business from a sustainability and ESG perspective.

Module 3: Mapping your Value Chain

Explore your own value chain and evaluate where your business has the greatest environmental and social impacts. Using the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, explore where you can reduce your negative impacts and increase your positive impacts by aligning with the SDGs.

Module 4: Understanding your Stakeholders

Identify and map your key stakeholders using tried and tested models. Explore who they are and their relationship to your business.

Module 5: Assessing your Materiality

Evaluate and map what is important to your business and to your stakeholders using tried and tested strategic business tools.

Module 6: Creating your Sustainability Strategy

Using the tools, templates and resources provided, bring together everything you’ve learnt to produce your Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan.

The benefits of a Sustainability Masterclass

Sustainability Strategy and Action Plan

Develop your own blueprint to guide your strategic focus and direction.

Access to sustainability experts and resources

Gain access to a rich library of resources, tools and templates to help you develop your sustainability strategy and action plan

Anytime, anywhere

As a self-study programme, you will be able to learn anytime and anywhere at your own pace.

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to complete the ESG online course?

The course is drip-fed over six weeks and typically will take around 2-6 hours each week to complete. You will have access to further reading and resources should you wish to deepen your learning, and some assignments may take you a little longer depending on the size and complexity of your business.

Will I get a bespoke sustainability strategy for my business?

At the start of this course, you will be provided with a template Sustainability Strategy document. This provides you with the “blueprint” for you to complete as you work your way through the programme. You can adapt all the templates with your own corporate branding and style so that by the end of the course, you will have a robust strategy together with your Gap Analysis, Action Plan and Road Map.

Will I be able to talk to an expert throughout the sustainability online course?

This is a self-study online course, but you will have access to an online community forum where you can share information and ideas and ask questions. Our team of Sustainability and ESG experts, with over 50 years of combined experience, will monitor the questions and discussions and will regularly provide answers and relevant information and updates for the community members.

How much does the Wylde Connections Sustainability Strategy Masterclass cost?

We have designed this course to be cost effective so that SMEs can start their sustainability journey with the first step of putting a robust strategy in place. The course is competitively priced at £1,250 (inc. VAT), and comes with a wealth of resources and tools.