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Empowering Small Enterprises in the Sustainability Revolution

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, where sustainability and Net Zero goals are becoming the benchmarks for future success, small businesses and startups often find themselves at a crossroads. Limited budgets and resources can make comprehensive consultancy services seem out of reach. This is where our Sustainability Strategy Kickstarter Programme steps in as an essential solution for businesses that may not require extensive consultancy but still seek to understand and implement sustainable practices in a meaningful way.

Our Kickstarter Programme is designed to demystify sustainability and Net Zero concepts for smaller enterprises. It offers a focused, budget-friendly approach that doesn’t compromise on quality or depth. By participating in this programme, businesses can gain a solid foundation in sustainable practices and learn how to integrate these into their operations effectively. 

Why this programme is good for your business: 

Budget-Friendly Approach: We understand the resource constraints of smaller businesses. This programme is priced to be accessible while delivering high-value content and strategies. 

Understanding Sustainability and Net Zero: Gain a clear and concise understanding of what sustainability and net zero mean for your business and how these goals can be realistically achieved. 

Competitive Advantage in a Changing World: The business world is rapidly shifting towards sustainability. Our programme helps you stay ahead, turning your sustainable practices into a competitive advantage. 

Practical, Actionable Strategies: Far from theoretical knowledge, we provide pragmatic actionable strategies tailored to your business’s unique challenges and opportunities in the sustainability realm. 

Catalyst for Growth and Innovation: Embracing sustainability can be a catalyst for new business models and opportunities, innovation, and growth, especially in a growing market that increasingly values ethical and environmentally conscious practices. 

Who is it for?

Our Sustainability Strategy Kickstarter Programme is crafted specifically for emerging businesses, startups, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are keen on integrating sustainable practices into their business model. If your business is in its early stages of development and you’re operating with a limited budget, this programme is tailored for you. It’s an ideal fit for: 

Startups and Micro Businesses: Those in the initial phases of business growth looking to establish a foundation in sustainable practices. 

SMEs at the Start of Their ESG Journey: Small and medium enterprises seeking to begin or enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives without the need for extensive consultancy services. 

Businesses With Limited Budgets: Companies that are conscious of their expenditure but are committed to adopting sustainable, ethical and responsible business practices. 

What’s involved?

The Kickstarter Programme is your ideal starting point for crafting and executing a Sustainability Strategy at a highly affordable price. It includes a comprehensive sustainability-focused business review with practical and business-centred guidance, delivered by highly experienced IEMA qualified experts, and with the flexibility to upgrade with additional modules and solutions. 

What are the outcomes of the programme?

Comprehensive Internal Sustainability Strategy and Blueprint

Wylde’s team of sustainability experts will work closely with you to deliver a bespoke consultancy programme, resulting in a robust Sustainability Strategy to drive internal decision making. This will provide you with a blueprint for demonstrating your sustainability credentials.

Detailed Action Plan and Road Map with KPIs

We will work with you and your team to create a detailed Action Plan, which will strengthen governance across all your operations. Should you want to go for sustainability accreditations such as BCorp and EcoVadis, this programme will help you prepare well for it. Your short, medium and long-term goals will be outlined in your Sustainability Road Map along with agreed milestones.  

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy and Plan

Engagement with both internal and external stakeholders is a crucial component in the journey of any business striving to uphold ethical and responsible standards. Recognising this, our programme will help you identify all your stakeholders and create an overarching communications strategy and a suggested tactical plan. 

What’s the process?

Sustainability Impact Assessment

The first crucial step in developing a successful sustainability strategy is gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business – including its operations, market positioning, and environmental impact. This is where our Sustainability Impact Assessment comes into play, using specially designed tools and models.


A facilitated Deep Dive Day

Following the initial Sustainability Impact Assessment, the next step in our programme is the Deep Dive Day. A comprehensive business review through a sustainability lense, this session serves as the groundwork for your business as we delve into various facets of your operations, practices, values and strategic objectives. 

A series of facilitated workshop sessions

The next stage of our programme involves a series of facilitated workshop sessions. These sessions are integral in further developing your sustainability strategy. Using specialised business analysis tools and models, each session explores your business from a sustainability perspective, ensuring that the content is relevant and immediately applicable. The workshops provide an opportunity to delve into the specific risks and opportunities that your business faces in relation to sustainability, and the potential impacts from this.  

Access to an online self-directed course

Throughout the consultancy programme , your team will have access to a carefully crafted online course designed to deepen understanding and enhance learning about the bigger picture of sustainability and ESG, and address why business taking action now is important to all of us. 

What are the business benefits?

Investing in our Kickstarter Programme unlocks doors to many advantages: 

  • Develop a robust, actionable sustainability strategy for your business. 
  • Strengthen your business resilience.
  • Identify hidden business risks and opportunities for new revenue. 
  • Deepen knowledge about sustainability beyond Net Zero.
  • Enhance your brand reputation with ethically minded customers or clients. 
  • Give your business competitive edge when bidding for tenders and contracts through your sustainability strategy credentials.   
  • Prepare towards B Corp or EcoVadis certification. 
  • Improve your company culture and increase staff morale with a focus on the social of ESG. 
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities, efficiencies and waste reduction. 
  • Network and share experienced with other like-minded company leaders. 

Internal Strategy Blueprint

Action Plan with KPIs

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Impact Assessment

Deep Dive day

Workshop Sessions

Online Course

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per company

Are you ready to Kickstart your Sustainability Journey? 

Why Choose Wylde?

We are not just a training company. Wylde has invested a lot of time, energy and money in creating and developing our sustainability and leadership expertise. Our unique blend of services means that you have access to the best support whether this is through our learning platform, training programmes and workshops or through our comprehensive sustainability and leadership consultancy support.  

We have made it our business to become the Trusted Sustainability Partner of choice for our clients no matter what size they are or what sector they operate in. It’s our goal to help as many companies as we can to have a greater positive impact for the benefit of planet and people as well as prosperity. 

Your dedicated team includes fully qualified and experienced sustainability and leadership professionals who will support and guide you through your learning journey. You will also be supported by the wider Wylde team, who bring a diverse range of perspectives and practical experience to enrich your learning experience. 

Meet our team…

Our tutors are not just educators; they are seasoned professionals who have been at the forefront of the sustainability movement. They provide real-world insights to complement theoretical knowledge to ensure course content is applied within contemporary business situations.  

With their guidance, delegates will be empowered to mot only navigate the current sustainability landscape but to actively shape it. That will not only help secure a more sustainable future for all but help your business build resilience, drive efficiencies and gain competitive advantage.  

 Dr Denise Taylor PIEMA

Dr Denise Taylor PIEMA

Managing Director

Charlotte Taylor CMgr

Charlotte Taylor CMgr

Operational Director

Anne Wilkinson

Anne Wilkinson

Leadership Consultant & NED

Callum John PIEMA

Callum John PIEMA

Sustainability Consultant

James Wyse FIEMA CEnv

James Wyse FIEMA CEnv

Sustainability Trainer & Senior Consultant

Khandiz Joni MIEMA CEnv

Khandiz Joni MIEMA CEnv

Sustainability Trainer & Senior Consultant

Claire Robson

Claire Robson

PR Consultant & Writer - Wylde Connections

Rebecca Harling

Rebecca Harling

Managing Director - New Dawn Creative

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