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Becoming Sustainable

Wherever you are on your path to being an environmentally and socially responsible business, our unique blend of services are designed to help your businesses to thrive.

Including self-directed masterclasses and workshops, tutor-led training programmes, sustainability planning consultancy, development and implementation, our services are designed to give you choice and flexibility aligned to where you are on your sustainability journey.

Consultancy Services

Our four-step process has been designed to help your business to develop its Sustainability Strategy, Road Map and Action Plan effectively and efficiently.

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey, our services can be adapted to give you the support you need from concept to implementation.

If you are at the start of your journey, we will help you to understand and realise your sustainability aspirations. If you are already well on the way, we can help with stakeholder engagement or you might want to have a review and reset.

New app launching soon!

Our new sustainability impact assessment tool, Enveglas, is a web-based application designed to benchmark where your business is currently at. It features questions and surveys to gather all relevant information, carries out detailed carbon calculations, and provides baseline data which then enables you to complete a road map and action plan as part of your strategy. Clients will have their own dedicated access to upload documents and to keep a track of progress.

Launching in 2022!

Train your team, embed your plans, be sustainable

Our sustainability courses and services are designed to help you to explore, identify, plan and implement sustainability policies, procedures and codes of conduct within your business. Sustainability is a subject that businesses can no longer afford to ignore.

Our sustainability courses are in the pipeline, so create an account on our course platform and be notified when they are released.

Introduction to Sustainability

Sustainability is a complex subject. This mini course offers the perfect solution for gaining an initial understanding about sustainability, why we should all take action now, and why it’s good for business as well as good for people and planet. Suitable for all levels of staff within a business.

3 Modules

Sustainability Strategy: The Fundamentals

Become an ethical and responsible business by developing and implementing your sustainability strategy and plan. This six week practical tutor-led programme has been specifically formulated for businesses embarking on their sustainability journey to take the first steps to becoming sustainble.

6 Sessions, 3 Tutors

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