Sustainability Awareness

For Leaders and Managers


Five In-Depth Modules: Each module in our sustainability course is carefully designed to cover various aspects of sustainability, from foundational principles to real-world applications. 

Choose your course options: You have a choice of how you want to take this course to suit you and your business needs. Choose from self-directed online modules that you can take at your own pace or take the 30 day challenge with online tutor-led workshops each week. If you want to go deeper, then the hybrid programme offers you online self-directed modules with a full day, in-person workshop. 

Practical Activities and Workshops: Apply your learning through hands-on activities and real-world case studies. 

Peer Group and Community Forums: You will have access to the Wylde online community forums where you can share ideas, knowledge and information with your peers, establish network contacts and relationships and have access to Wylde’s expert support. 

What’s involved?

During this course, you will:

    • Learn how you can address key issues and more, and explore the many opportunities that being a sustainable business has to offer.   
    • Gain a deeper understanding of sustainability that goes beyond Net Zero and even beyond ESG (Environment Social and Governance).  
    • Explore how you can do the right thing for people and planet and enjoy business success by embedding sustainability at the heart of your growth strategy. 
    • Build a strong network within the sustainability community. 


1 - Introduction: The Bigger Picture of Sustainability

Move beyond Net Zero and look at the bigger picture. Understand the critical planetary and social frameworks that shape our world by exploring the latest thinking on complex concepts such as Planetary Boundaries, Global Megatrends, Five Capitals and Doughnut Economics.  

2 - Sustainability in Context

Whether it’s the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals or the business model of Circular Economy, this module uncovers the frameworks that are the backbone of sustainable operations. Discover how they can be practically applied in different sectors, from manufacturing to service industries. 

3 - Sustainable Business Leadership

Leadership’s role in sustainability is often underestimated. This module focuses on how executives can not only set sustainability goals but effectively integrate them into an organisation’s core values and operations. 

4 - The Business Case: Risks & Opportunities

Risk management is no longer just financial; sustainability risks can affect your entire business operation. Learn how Global Megaforces can impact all businesses and explore the strategies for mitigating the risks and maximising the opportunities while looking at the business case for sustainability.

5 - Case-Led Practical Module*

Translate your knowledge into action. This hands-on module exposes you to real-world case studies where you’ll apply strategies to solve actual sustainability challenges, preparing you for immediate implementation in your work environment. 

*This module will differ depending on the type and level of course.

    • For industry specific courses, the case example will be related to the respective industry.
    • For the Self-Directed Online level, students will self-complete this module online.
    • For the 30-Day Challenge level, this will be a tutor-led online workshop in the final week.
    • For the Full Workshop Programme, delegates will have a full-day in-person workshop to work through the module activities in groups, along with other practical activities.
Industry Specific Courses
Awareness of key issues and topics around sustainability is climbing up the priority ladder of the business world, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter out what’s relevant to you and your business specifically.

That’s why we’ve worked with industry experts to create tailored Sustainability Awareness courses for key sectors, applying the knowledge gained over four modules to a real-world industry-specific case study.

Don’t see your industry? Or want a bespoke course for your business? Get in touch with our learning team…

Flexible Pricing to Match Your Needs 


Unlimited Spaces – All Year Round

This package is for you if you want the flexibility of working at your own pace and in your own time. You will have full access to all the modules and activities, as well as our resource library through Wylde’s Business Knowledge Builder portal. This will also give you access to the communities and forums where you can network with fellow students to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

Starting from £150  £97*  per person

30-Day Challenge

30 Spaces Available – Per Month

As well as access to the full online modules, resources and forums, you will also be invited to attend an hour and a half live tutor-led workshop each week. This will help you to delve even deeper into the subject matter with the opportunity to ask questions and have peer group discussions. These sessions will also be recorded and added to your course library each week.  

Coming soon! Register your interest now.

Group Workshop

15 Spaces Available Per Group

The full programme includes access to all modules, resources and forums, and a one-day in-person workshop designed to take your learning to the next level. Three of our expert consultants will guide you through four practical hands-on sessions throughout the day. The sessions are all interactive and fun and include game-based learning to help embed the knowledge you are gaining.

Starting from £350 £297*  per person

* Introductory Price – available for a limited time only. Book now to secure your place.

Included With Every Course

Interactive Content

Engaging content which helps to make learning more fun.

Video Content

A rich library of video content in all our courses and on our YouTube channel. 

Resource Library

A rich resource of articles, videos, links and reading lists to enhance your understanding and fill knowledge gaps.

Course Community

Swap information and ideas with your cohort and peers. 

Game-Based Learning

Embed learning through games and interactive content.

News & Updates

Stay ahead of trends, issues, and changing legislation to keep your finger on the pulse.

Why should you invest in this course?

The urgency to adopt sustainable practices is intensifying. Whether it’s impending legislation or supply chain requirements, you need to act now. Take the first step towards future-proofing your business and career. 

Legislative Readiness

Equip yourself with the knowledge to comply with upcoming laws.

Customer Demands

As more clients demand sustainability, be prepared to meet their expectations.

Market Competitiveness

Differentiate your brand in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Upskill your team

As businesses prioritise sustainability, equip your managers with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the changing landscape.

Build better business relationships

Develop and nurture connections and collaborative opportunities that will benefit people and planet as well as your business.

Are you ready to drive change? 

Why Choose Wylde?

We are not just a training company. Wylde has invested a lot of time, energy and money in creating and developing our sustainability and leadership expertise. Our unique blend of services means that you have access to the best support whether this is through our learning platform, training programmes and workshops or through our comprehensive sustainability and leadership consultancy support.  

We have made it our business to become the Trusted Sustainability Partner of choice for our clients no matter what size they are or what sector they operate in. It’s our goal to help as many companies as we can to have a greater positive impact for the benefit of planet and people as well as prosperity. 

Your dedicated team includes fully qualified and experienced sustainability and leadership professionals who will support and guide you through your learning journey. You will also be supported by the wider Wylde team, who bring a diverse range of perspectives and practical experience to enrich your learning experience.