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Our Business Model

Why we are different

Right from the start, Wylde has demonstrated it is different to other agencies. Largely, this is because we immerse ourselves fully in the sectors we work in which include manufacturing, engineering, technology, rail, automotive, aerospace, renewable energy and technologies, and sustainable development.


Our business model has been shaped to respond to the demands of our clients and how they operate. Thus, we have adopted process and procedures that our clients are familiar with in their own businesses. This includes treating a tangible piece of content as a single product, and priced as such. This makes our work visible and transparent, and our clients know exactly what they are spending their money and can organise their marketing budgets accordingly.

A team of experts

For some time, we have operated a model of having expert content writers who know their industries inside out. This means we produce content that brings out your company’s capabilities and expertise because we not only understand how your business operates but also how your markets and your supply chains operate. We are able to spot industry trends early, which means that we can position your company as thought leaders ahead of the game.


Our expert writers are based all over the UK and we even have writers who have recently emigrated, but technology allows us to provide the same high levels of service. All our writers, designers, photographers, partners and associates are hand selected and have been with us for some time. This means that you get consistency of service with one or two writers allocated to your team.


Our business model also means that we have not been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown. For Wylde, it is business as usual. If you need marketing, consultancy, communications support, then get in touch. We are here to help you to get beyond the current crisis.

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