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Wylde Connections is committed to accelerating business growth through a range of business solutions with marketing communications at the core. Our company cut its teeth on the manufacturing sector; an industry fraught with complex supply chains, technological innovation and complex delivery networks. By transferring our experience of developing effective growth strategies from this industry, we have become a major supplier to allied markets including engineering, technology, sustainability, the environment, creative industries and the third sector.

By combining strategy development, tactical delivery, storytelling and e-learning, we deliver total business growth solutions built upon marketing communications. By working together with a powerful network of partners, we support our clients effectively and efficiently, immersing and integrating ourselves as ambassadors and representatives.

Our Services


Our consultants cover all areas of business growth from high level strategy through to leadership and management development, with marketing communications at the core. We take the time to truly understand your business so we can develop tailored growth strategies with tangible outcomes.


From training your in-house teams to hosting themed workshops, Wylde Connections can help with upskilling, transformative learning and empowering your teams to work cohesively and collaboratively. Our online learning platform supports and embeds learning, within your teams. 


Marketing communication covers a broad area from branding and positioning to digital marketing and content production. We work closely with our clients on their marketing strategy before identifying what tactical activity is required. This helps companies to roll out effective marketing campaigns. 

Collaboration is important to us…


We live in an age of collaborative working. Technology brings us together and makes the world a smaller place. We all face similar challenges both as a society and as businesses, and diverse thinking helps us to overcome these challenges. 

At Wylde Connections, working with trusted partners and associates is a core element of our business model. This allows us to be great problem solvers, and to react quickly, responsively and flexibly when we are providing solutions and services to support the success of your business. By focusing on the core competencies of consultancy, learning and development of communications, we deliver complete growth solutions for businesses of every size, in every sector.  

Charities We Support

Here at Wylde, we are proud to support important charities that mean something to us. These charities represent what we stand for as a business, have a look at their pages below…

Business Support

Access to Funding

Our network has all the expertise you need to access finance for your business, whether this is grant funded support or access to loans and investment finance.


We work with trusted partners so that you can tap into all the services your business needs covering marketing strategy, leadership and development, manufacturing operations and procurement.

Trade Bodies and Associations

It is a deliberate policy to be members of trade bodies and associations in the industries that our clients operate in.

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