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Our team at Wylde connections has a long history of supporting the success of companies through consultancy, business and marketing strategy, learning and development and communications.

Collectively, we have worked across most sectors and have particular specialisms in manufacturing and its allied industries, engineering, technology, sustainability and the environment, creative industries and the third sector.

There are many common themes that underpin the success of growing businesses, but essentially these all come back to having a strong vision and a good understanding of how to create the strategy and planning to realise the vision.

Our business model has evolved over time so that we can support clients effectively and efficiently whilst at the same time immersing and integrating ourselves into their companies so that we become ambassadors and representatives.

We work selectively with clients who have similar values, ethos and philosophy.

Collaboration is important to us…

We live in an age of collaborative working. Technology brings us together, and makes the world a smaller place. We all face similar challenges both as a society and business, and diverse thinking helps us to overcome these challenges.

At Wylde Connections, working with trusted partners and associates is a core element of our business model. This allows us to be great problem solvers, and to react quickly, responsively and flexibly when we are providing solutions and services to support the success of your business.

We adopt this mode of thinking across all the three key areas of our company in consultancy, learning and development and communications.

In short, if your business faces a challenge or you have a particular aim or objective you want to achieve, and you need strategic expertise as well as practical and tactical marketing support, we can help.

We actively seek to work with others in our networks and many of our relationships are multiplex with some of our partners also being clients as well as suppliers. This is based on trust and a strong desire to truly collaborate. For your company, this means you have access to teams of experts no matter what issues or challenges your business face.

Our Services



Wylde Connections has a team of expert consultants that cover all areas of business from high level strategy through to leadership and management development, marketing communications, operational expertise, manufacturing and production processes and procedures, HR, financial management, and procurement and supply chain management.



From training your in-house teams to hosting themed workshops, Wylde Connections can help with upskilling, transformative learning and helping your teams to work cohesively and collaboratively. Our online learning platform supports and embeds learning with students being able to learn at their own pace while implementing what they have learned into their everyday work practice.



Marketing communication covers a broad area from branding and positioning to digital marketing and content production. We work closely with our clients on their marketing strategy before identifying what tactical marketing activity is required. This helps companies to roll out smart marketing campaigns.

What We Do Best

Working with you and your business strategically is at the core of everything we do. We spend time getting to know your business and understanding what goals you want to achieve and which target markets you want to have a strong presence in. 


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