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Marketing for Manufacturers

Guided consultancy support and blended online learning programme. 

Delivered over nine weeks, this four-part programme aimed at manufacturers is designed to upskill your team with the knowledge and skills they need to create, develop and implement your business marketing strategy and campaign plans.

This programme has been specifically formulated for manufacturing, engineering and technology businesses across all sectors. Within those fields, this programme is for:


Marketing apprentices who require practical and proven methods of creating, developing and implementing marketing campaigns.


Team members whose main role is not marketing but who have some marketing responsibility.


Marketing trainees who need additional support. 


Owners and directors of small SMEs who want to understand and implement a marketing strategy for their business.

How the programme is delivered…


The guided programme is designed to be delivered over nine weeks. This gives your staff time to absorb all the information and test their knowledge and skills as we go along. 

From day one your team will understand the value and importance of having a marketing strategy and tools and resources designed to support your business growth and success, increase your reputation and help with your market positioning.

Your team will gain a deeper understanding of target markets and audiences and how to reach and engage with them and they will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools and resources they need to create and develop a robust marketing strategy and campaign plan.

Your Guided Consultancy Support Sessions

1 - Assess

We will work closely with your team members to assess and evaluate where your business is currently. You may be looking to diversify into new markets, or you may have recently pivoted during the Covid-19 pandemic to make and sell new product lines. During the Assess sessions, we will explore your company’s history as well as your mission, vision and values. Your team will gain a deep understanding of why this is important, especially in the current economic climate.

In addition to the guided consultancy, one or more of your team members will also have access to the online course and will be tasked with completing the first four modules of this.

2 - Create

This is the fun part. A half day Crazy Jam workshop will help your team to tap into their creative thinking. This is designed to unlock your team’s potential and is a proven method of looking in depth at your target audiences and markets. With the insights you will gain from this session, we can then work together to craft values propositions and campaign key messages that resonate with your audiences.

Your marketing team member will complete the second two modules of the online course.

3 - Develop

This is where your strategy really starts to take shape. At this point, you will understand your why, who and where and now we will delve into the how and what. We will get tactical and create campaigns that are cohesive and creative.

4 - Implement

The final part of the programme is to bring everything together and start engaging with your audiences. By this point your marketing team member will have all the knowledge, skills and tools they need to action your fully formed and strategic campaign plans. They will understand the best channels to use and how to use them. They will have well thought out editorial and content calendars so that the marketing activity supports the growth of the business.

Meet The Consultants

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Managing Director - Wylde Connections

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Operational Director - Wylde Connections

Rebecca Fahy

Rebecca Fahy

Managing Director - New Dawn Creative

Our team of expert consultants will direct you through your learning and consultancy sessions, and are here to answer any questions you might have. We want you to get the most from the course, we’re also on this journey with you learning as much as you, so your experience with your consultants will be personalised – every programme is different and unique to your business!


Here at Wylde, we have helped our clients craft marketing strategies and campaign plans through a tried and tested process. With our years of knowledge and expertise, we can help with whatever support you need from advice and guidance to helping you manage the whole process. Alongside our online course, we are offering consultancy supportbespoke training and webinars with our experts to consolidate your learning.

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