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Introduction to Sustainability


Sustainability is a complex subject. Small companies often don’t know where to start, and larger companies have the task of communicating their sustainability strategy to all their staff and stakeholders. 

This mini Introduction to Sustainability course offers the perfect solution for gaining an initial understanding about sustainability, why we should all take action now, and why it’s good for business.

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Who should attend?

Owners and managers of small to medium enterprises who are looking to embark on their sustainability journey.

Teams of staff in larger companies where a sustainability strategy is being implemented.

New or junior members of your sustainability management team.

Managers in different business functions who need to gain an awareness of sustainability issues as part of their role.


What are the benefits

Understanding some of the key aspects of sustainability and how this relates to business

Raising awareness of sustainability in your business with your teams of staff. This will help to smooth the change management process when implementing sustainability plans and actions which might involve larger scale projects.

Research shows that sustainable businesses are more profitable, which is achieved in a variety of way. You will explore the business case for sustainability and how your company can benefit and gain competitive advantage.

What’s included…


This mini Introduction to Sustainability course has three key lessons but is rich in content and learning opportunities for you and your teams. The course comes with a comprehensive workbook, interactive lessons and activities, peer to peer networks and forums, and is packed with resources and links to further learning.

1 - Introduction to Sustainability

A detailed overview of the global themes and issues that put sustainability into context. Most of the attention in business is focused on the environmental subjects such as Net Zero, low carbon projects, and green recovery. But sustainability is much more than this. This lesson looks at some of the key themes in sustainability that affect businesses.

2 - Three Pillars of Sustainability

In this lesson you will explore the three areas of sustainability: Environmental, Social and Governance/Economic (commonly referred to as ESG). We unpack each of these pillars in depth and what they mean to your business and how you can integrate the “triple bottom line” into your planning.

3 - Making the Business Case

Why is sustainability important to business? This lesson takes a practical approach to making the business case. We all want to do the right thing, but we also have to understand the benefits as well as the costs to the bottom line in our businesses whilst at the same time also accounting for people and planet. 

Consultancy Support

Our team of qualified sustainability experts on hand to help your business to develop and implement its sustainability strategy, road map and action plan using our specially designed Four Step Model.  We offer pre-packaged consultancy packages of five, eight or ten days, or we can work with your business offering bespoke solutions.

Not ready for consultancy support but want Sustainability Strategy?

Our six week tutor-led workshop programme is ideal for those businesses that are putting their sustainability strategies in place or looking to make a start. This practical programme equips you with all the tools and skills you need to develop your own strategy.

Specifically formulated for businesses embarking on their sustainability journey to raise awareness amongst staff and develop and implement successful sustainability plans. If needed we can support you with ad hoc consultancy support.

Sustainability Strategy: The Fundamentals

Each half day workshop is delivered by an expert in the relevant subject. Four of the sessions will be delivered online, with the remaining two in person at Woodland Grange, Leamington Spa. You will be provided with a range of comprehensive tools, resources and support designed to help you to produce and develop your own sustainability strategy and road map for your business.

6 Sessions, 3 Tutors

Meet The Consultants

Denise Taylor

Denise Taylor

Managing Director - Wylde Connections

Charlotte Taylor

Charlotte Taylor

Operational Director - Wylde Connections

James Wyse

James Wyse

Environmental Specialist - Wyse Sustainability

Our team of expert tutors will direct you through your learning and are here to answer any questions you might have. Each tutor has developed their own courses using their expertise and will offer consultancy support alongside their courses, all of which will be available soon.


Here at Wylde, we have helped our clients develop and implement sustainability strategies and plans through a tried and tested process. With our years of knowledge and expertise, we can help with whatever support you need from advice and guidance to helping you manage the whole process. Alongside our online course, we are offering consultancy supportbespoke training and webinars with our experts to consolidate your learning.

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