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IEMA Certificates & Qualifications

A Gateway to Environmental Excellence and Sustainability Leadership

What is an IEMA Qualification?

The Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) qualifications offered by Wylde Connections are an ideal pathway for professionals seeking to deepen their understanding and expertise in environmental management and sustainability. These courses offer insights into sustainability practices, equipping learners with tools for effective environmental strategies. Covering basic to advanced topics, the programme ensures a comprehensive understanding of the field. Upon completion, leaners achieve IEMA membership, reflecting their expertise and commitment to environmental excellence. These courses not only provide individual accreditation but also empower significant contributions to organisational and global environmental goals.

IEMA Certified

Which IEMA course is right for you?

IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management – Associate Membership (AIEMA)

The gateway to sustainability skills

What is AIEMA?

This course is a foundation certificate, designed for those who are new to the environmental management profession. A first step on the professional development track for environmental leaders, an AIMEA qualification demonstrates a solid foundation of knowledge in environmental management and sustainability leadership.

What’s involved in the AIEMA course?

One unit with 11 in-depth modules

Delivered over five days

Online or in-person

Expert tutors on hand to guide you

Suitable for any level of learner

No entry requirements

IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management – Practitioner Membership (PIEMA)

Delivering operational efficiency

What is PIEMA?

This course is a qualification designed for those who are experienced in the environmental management profession. A further step on the professional development track for environmental leaders, an IEMA Practitioner Membership demonstrates a professional status that recognises your in-depth knowledge and experience as an environmental practitioner.

What’s involved in the PIEMA course?

Three units with 17 in-depth modules

Delivered over 15 days (five days a month for three months)

Online or in-person

Expert tutors on hand to guide you

Suitable for learners with sustainability knowledge

Work experience and/or Foundation Certificate required

If you’re still unsure which IEMA membership level is right for you, get in touch with us and a member of our friendly team will be able to help.

IEMA Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the ways of studying for an IEMA qualification?

Both the AIEMA and PIEMA courses can be completed online via a virtual classroom, or in-person at our training centre in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. We will also be launching fully virtual distanced learning for both courses very soon, where delegates will have access to all the AIEMA/PIEMA course content on our online learning platform, allowing you to learn at your own pace on a schedule that suits you. Keep an eye out for announcements!

Are there any entry requirements for an IEMA course?

The AIEMA course has no entry requirements. For the PIEMA course you will need a foundation level of environmental and/or sustainability knowledge gained through work experience or a relevant course, such as the Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management.

How are IEMA courses assessed?


  • Learners will be continually assessed and undertake a one-hour open-book multiple choice exam at the end of the course. Upon successful completion, IEMA will provide details on how to become an Associate Member. Associate Member of IEMA (AIEMA). 

    Associate Members can enjoy benefits such as the use of the AIEMA professional suffix, the opportunity to connect globally with sustainability professionals, and having access to a wealth of tools and resources. If you are already a member, you will receive a free 12-month extension. 


  • The assessment for modules 1-3 of this course is through knowledge-based written assignments. Delegates then need to complete an Assessment of Competence, which must be submitted to IEMA for marking after all other modules have been successfully completed. This demonstrates how the knowledge learnt has been practically applied within the workplace.  

    Once the assessment is successfully completed, you will receive a certificate and will be sent details of how to join IEMA as a Practitioner Member, including your PIEMA professional suffix and all other benefits that come with being a member of a professional body. 

What happens if I fail my IEMA assessment?


  • If the online exam is failed, the delegate can resit the exam once more for no additional charge. If the exam is then failed again, additional resits will incur an admin fee.


  • If the delegate fails an assignment, they will be allowed another resubmission attempt following the receipt of their feedback. Should they fail it again, another chance will be provided with an alternative set of assessment questions. 
What are the benefits of IEMA membership?

Business benefits 

  • Upskilling your environmental professional to deliver positive impacts. 
  • Improving environmental performance and credentials. 
  • Reassurance that you understand the regulatory landscape and what is required to be compliant. 
  • The internationally recognised qualification demonstrates commitment and vision to stakeholders. 

Delegate benefits 

  • Empowered with knowledge and tools to further your career and maximise your impact as an Environmental and Sustainability Practitioner. 
  • Gain the competence and confidence to support business transformation and drive positive change. 
  • Enjoy the kudos and benefits of becoming an IEMA Member, including gaining professional recognition, connecting with people on a global scale, and having access to practical guidance and toolkits. 

Included With Every Course

Interactive Content

Engaging content which helps to make learning more fun.

Video Content

A rich library of video content in all our courses and on our YouTube channel. 

Resource Library

A rich resource of articles, videos, links and reading lists to enhance your understanding and fill knowledge gaps.

Course Community

Swap information and ideas with your cohort and peers. 

Game-Based Learning

Embed learning through games and interactive content.

News & Updates

Stay ahead of trends, issues, and changing legislation to keep your finger on the pulse.

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