Supporting your success through transformative, blended learning. 

Over the past six months our team has been working with partners and collaborators to produce an online learning platform where we can share our expertise with you through a range of courses, from your marketing needs all the way to your business’ management styles. We are pleased to announce that our platform has now launched, with two courses already available for purchase!

All of our courses will feature presentation-style teaching along with downloadable activities and assignments for you to complete and consolidate your learning. We will also be offering webinars hosted by our experts to give you an opportunity to ask questions and have that valuable ‘face-to-face’ learning experience.

If you need further guidance throughout the course, the networking facility available for each individual course is the perfect way to gain support from your peers. They may have more experience than you within a certain sector or could find a simpler way of explaining a theory. These communities, both on our learning platform and on LinkedIn, will be available to join upon enrolment. 

Once you have completed the course, our workshops and consultancy meetings can help you to integrate your new knowledge into your business. 


A brief look at our current courses…

This course is perfect for managing directors, marketing managers or sales managers who want to develop their current marketing knowledge with regards to the manufacturing industry, or even administrators or assistants who want to begin their marketing training. 

It introduces you to marketing theories and models, and then explains how they can be applied to the manufacturing industry, whilst also covering key terminology and marketing jargon. The course takes you through the stages of producing a marketing strategy, from analysing your current business situation to measuring your success, with the final module helping you put all of your knowledge together to create a full, bespoke marketing strategy for your business.  

Each module contains academic content, a reading list, templates and resources to help you understand each section. The online platform also includes peer-to-peer networking, support from professionals and assessments to track progress.  

All of this knowledge is spread across nine modules, which are released weekly. The course is studied independently, so you can either complete each module as they are released, or you could wait and complete them all in one go once they are all available. Because it is an independent study course, it is up to you how much time and research you put into each module. The whole course could be completed in as little as ten hours, but the reading lists and resources mean you can carry out further research and study if required.  

The course is at an introductory price of £497pp but will increase to £997pp once all of the modules have been released.


This course will teach you how to craft a compelling awards application for your business. Consisting of five key modules, you will learn all the tips and tricks of writing awards applications, finishing the course with the inspiration to win.

Consisting of five key modules, this course will cover all aspects of the application process.


Looking for a specific course or workshop? We can produce bespoke training services for your business needs in the form of an online course, half-day workshop or a bespoke workshop. 

Contact us on 01926 754061 or email for more information.  

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